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I'm always looking to expand my DCC books
recently published and very well presented is:

probably best suited for the beginner but a useful addition on the shelf particularly as it's written with British modellers in mind. Subjects covered are:

Introduction to DCC
Converting to DCC
Base Stations boosters and Cabs
Locomotive decoders
Accessory Decoders
Wiring of DCC
First Use
Configuring Decoders
Advanced use

This book is a useful companion and at under £10.00 from Ian Allan a Snip

My second purchase of the week is:

Published by Kalmbach I obtained my copy from Amazon also under £10.00
This book is clearly aimed at the American market subject content being:
Welcome to DCC
Setting up a DCC layout
Wiring Tricks
Installing Decoders
Programming Decoders
Sound and DCC
Just the Beginning

With books like these you never know when your going to need a reference, but I'd rather have them in my book shelf ready for when that day comes.
Both highly recommended.
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