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my first big n gauge layout

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Hi all new to this site I have been collecting n gauge since I was a kid and love model making so just befor this xmas I decided to start a layout as its something I have wanted to do for some time and just not had the spare time to do it. This is my first major layout build so alot of it has been a learning curve and I no there is alot more to learn not being to up on the electrics side of things this will be the difficault bit.
anyway enough rantering on. here are some pics of my layout I will be running mainly desiel and electric on the layout and I have 8 seperate lines running at all different levels.

let me no what you think and any hints tips etc

still got alot to do but its coming on well now and I have lots of stage by stage pics too so will upload to my website and add the page hear at a later date when its done.

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Ni NuttyNik and welcome to the MRF.

I too am building a quite large N Gauge layout (3m x 3.5m) around 3 sides of a room. (See my Chipping and Much Binding posts). You seem to be much further advanced than I am, though it is difficult to see much detail as some of your pictures are only thumb nails and none of them can be opened up to enlarge them.

I like the look af the steel viaduct in the background. How is it constructed ??

What sort of control are you using. DCC ??

If you need any specific help just ask away. If I don't know the answer there are plenty of other members who probably do.
hi thanks and noticed the pics were small so changed them for a larger pic now. I would like to eventually go digital but at the moment its just standard running altho I am using electric points were I can trains are a little new to me and electrics even more so but loving it so far lol.
update on layout more pics

thats it for now will update some more as it progresses
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hi all another update been busy on this and done quite a bit now.

over all view of layout
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That looks great, you done all this since xmas?
my missus would hang draw and 1/4 me if i did a layout in the kitchen..Not even for a photo
one very brave man
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