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This fried chips club is getting alot of members!!
Shame we can't put Salt&Vinegar on them and have lunch!!! Someone had to say it!

I've done a few TCS M1's which is my decoder of choice now, it's fitted in virtually all my stock N and OO gauge.
Nice thing is go to the TCS web site fill in the warranty form and send the lot to them, it normally takes about 7 working days and new ones arrive...excellent

I've just got a Dapol Virgin voyager, I want TCS to start making the NEM651 6 pin plug in chips!!!!
I used the new Digitrax Dz125IN ran perfect for over half an hour, then one of the chips just went pop, no smoke but it just stopped and I was getting a constant short circuit.
Removed the chip all ok.
The strange thing is, this chip was in the end car so it was only being used for function control of the lights, nothing else.
The other two decoders are still fine, I remember having trouble programming the address on the one thats gone pop, so it could have been just a bad decoder, checked all the lighting wires and they are all ok.
Anyway thats gone back to Digitrax for a warranty replacement.
1 - 1 of 25 Posts
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