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It looks promising for a first attempt. I assume it's H0/OO gauge where the constraints on space are much tougher than in N. What is your plan for the fiddle yard? It is important to get this right otherwise operation won't be as much fun as it could be. Presumably you will want to be able to move trains from the top area to the bottom which could be tricky to fit in with long enough storage sidings for EMUs etc. in the middle. My advice is to make the fiddle yard longer relative to the platform length, or better still build it underneath the visible layout with a connecting 180 degree spiral. (Sorry, my solution to everything is to move up a dimension and make some hideously complicated benchwork...!

I prefer to use Corel Draw for track planning but then in N scale one can use lots of flexitrack for long sweeping parts and this is hard to model in track drawing programs I have tried. Whatever you use with practise it becomes easy and results will get better and better. Here is a recent plan from my website for an ÖBB container terminal in N:

There's also nothing wrong with using paper, or better still the track itself! Especially when using set track you can just plug and test, making adjustments until you like it and then glue/nail/chewing gum it down.

1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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