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QUOTE (Keith.Wilkes @ 12 Dec 2007, 12:44) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>I've been looking at all the layout pictures on here, so I thought I'd add pictures of my own. This is the first time I have ever tried to create a layout before and I have had lots of helpful hints and tips from my good lady Madkitten. Thank you for your patience babe:)

Its a completely ficticious preserved railway whos track plans exist only in my head. This first board is 4'x2' and is the first of four. I wanted to make it as close to "real scale" as I could, this meant that a relatively small country station ended up about four feet long. The buildings are a mixture of kit and scratchbuilt items, the coaling stage/water tower being the first building I have ever scratchbuilt in my life. It is modelled very loosely on the tower at Didcot. As you will see it is very much a work in progress so the platforms and station buildings have yet to be added. The buildings at this stage are a few sketches on a piece of paper somewhere:)

Once again my heartfelt thanks must go to my good lady Madkitten for teaching me how to do this out of plain bits of plastic rather than resorting to the easier but less effective card buildings.

More photos will follow as and when work gets done.

Well, 'Jasper' is jealous 'cos he hasn't railway modelled for several decades. [that's me] But I've decided to go for modelling my local branch line railway because it's still a substantially country station only a few yards from ploughed fields. But several miles down the line it joins the mainline, with heavy industry (cement works and petroleum shipments originating a few more miles further down the line). I see masses of scope [and hard work!]
So I'm now in the process of boarding out my loft so I don't think I'll be too resticted for space.
Does anyone think I might get problems with condensation affecting the track or electrical control systems?
Does anyone know of any modellers of the London, Tilbury and Southend Line?
I was going to go for the period 1955-1960, because as far as I can recollect steam was primary but diesels were making a very good showing.
so what do you think?
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