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QUOTE (SimonBoulton @ 21 Jul 2008, 22:46) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Next decsion, what sort of layout? As a regular listener to the Archers, I thought how about a layout based in Borsetshire. The BBC website has a map of Borsetshire which helpfully shows the railway line in this ficticous county. The two station options are Felpersham or Hollerton Junction. Holleron looked to have the best interest in terms of services. The map showed the main line running East to West and a freight only branchline. Further East another line runs South. In terms of location, Borsetshire is supposed to be within Worcestershire and Warwickshire. I think this would most likely set it in the WR but as my favourite loco's are the class 20 and 25 I think it will have to be LMR. I did read though that responsibilty for some WR lines round Birmingham passed from the WR to the LMR. Any advice on this will be much appreciated.
Cheers, Simon

Hi Simon,

At the risk of being too parochial, please will you leave Shula in the path of an oncoming express.


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