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My layout idea, Hollerton Junction in Borsetshire

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Hello everyone, thought i'd say hello and introduce myself. I've been interested in model railways for many years but until recently my modelling interest was the railways of East Germany before unification.
I've been impressed by the increase in quality in recent British outline models and decided last year to have a go at building a British layout. As last year was my fortieth birthday, I thought about basing it around 1967. My research has shown that this is a very interesting period with the change to BR blue but still with lots of stock still in the old colours.
Next decsion, what sort of layout? As a regular listener to the Archers, I thought how about a layout based in Borsetshire. The BBC website has a map of Borsetshire which helpfully shows the railway line in this ficticous county. The two station options are Felpersham or Hollerton Junction. Holleron looked to have the best interest in terms of services. The map showed the main line running East to West and a freight only branchline. Further East another line runs South. In terms of location, Borsetshire is supposed to be within Worcestershire and Warwickshire. I think this would most likely set it in the WR but as my favourite loco's are the class 20 and 25 I think it will have to be LMR. I did read though that responsibilty for some WR lines round Birmingham passed from the WR to the LMR. Any advice on this will be much appreciated.
My plan is for an oval layout 12 feet by 6 feet. The mainline is single track with a passing loop and an island platform with another passing loop which the frieght branch comes off. The branchline is also used as the headshunt for the goods sidings.
Traffic will be the usual pick up frieght, parcels traffic, coal from the Warwickshire coalfields and seasonal agricultural traffic. The passanger services will be crossing DMU's and connecting DMU service from the line heading south. I imagine the junction to be one of those stations that didn't really sevice the local community as much as being the meeting point for the difereent lines.
I do believe modelling should be fun and have already enjoyed myself doing research and travelling on diesel trains on preserved railways. A highlight last year was the jolly fisherman on the Great Central railway, double headed by two class 20's.
Cheers, Simon
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Lots of scope for interesting running - please keep us posted.
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