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My Layout in the shed update

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Hi everyone here is the first update for this year in 2009.

These next few pictures are just to keep you all updated with how my layout is going!.
Please don't be shy all comments are welcome.

Hope you liked them.

Kind regards
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Very nice, Keep the pictures coming.
Excellent as always! My problem with card buildings is they seem to buckle quite easily! Do you reenforce yours in anyway?
QUOTE (madon37s @ 6 Apr 2009, 14:15) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Steve :-
I don't tend to put extra reinforcing into the buildings as they seem to come with an adequate amount already!. Do you have any damp issues where your layout is?

They are presently stored in the spare room waiting for the basebords to be built. It is dry and the temp is fairly stable. Perhaps its more down to the modeller than the model?
PM means to send a private message that is only viewable by the recipeint (and the admin) I find the easyest way is to click the link under the persons name and that takes you to their page where there is a link to send them a private message
Very nice but not as nice as MY kestrel

Hope the new job is going well!
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1 - 5 of 127 Posts
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