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My Layout in the shed

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Hi everyone my name is Paul and i am very new to this forum game and would like to post some pictures of my new layout i am building in my shed. I will also endeavour to write a little note about what i am doing etc. Please feel free to add any comments. I just hope i can upload the pictures correctly.
Anyway to start with the layout is an end to end which is not my usual style but i havn't got the room for a tail chasing layout although i have started an outdoor railway in "OO" so that i can run prototypical trains!. But that is another topic i'm sure. here is the first few pictures anyway. The layout is about 7' x 8' x 6' in a U shape, it will have a terminus station with engine shed and the ability to run round trains (more operational interest). There is a separate line which is a freight line and that will have some shunting to do.

Hopefully you should see 6 pictures above this sentence.
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Only 5
Looking forward to more pictures!
Fixed the one link.

Welcome to the forum and thanks for posting the pics.
Welcome to MRF - be sure to keep us posted on progress.
Hi Paul welcome to the forum. Look forward to seeing your layout progress.
Welcome to the forum, and thanks for posting those pictures - I look forward to reading more of about the progress of your layout!
Thanks everyone for your kind words and welcoming me on to the forum, I will definitely be adding more pictures soon and give a bit more description etc.
It's nice to know there are like minded people all over the world not just the UK that take an interest into what other people do as their hobby. I will be posting another topic soon about the electrics on my layout asking for soom help as soon as i have worked out which is the right section to do it on. Again Many Thanks
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Hi Paul and welcome to MRF

It's always a pleasure to welcome new members and even more when we get to see what you're up to.

Not to sure about the love affair with 37s though - always more of a 33 fan myself!

Hi again everyone, Thought you might like to know i have been doing quite a bit more on my layout and have taken a few more pictures to add to this topic of mine.

First photo is of the end of the terminus station area where the passing loop ends for the run around. The line at the back is the mainly freight line. Photo 2 is of the signal.

Photo 3 is of the freight sidings/loco stabling point and engine shed. Photo 4 is the long sweeping curve towards fiddle yard and the freight line incline towards its fiddle yard.

Photo 5 is of the airfield and 6 is the end of the scenic part for both lines.

Photo 7 is a long veiw of the station area and 8 is a close up of my aircraft on the airfield.

Sorry couldn't resist having a Typhoon flying over the airfield (You have probably realised by now i also like military modelling!).

The last 2 photos are of the layout as a whole, The left hand side ad the right hand side.

I do hope you all enjoyed my pictures.

The platform has been made by me from a metcalfe platform kit, I want to get the station building to go on the wider platform.
There is a stand alone raised roadway which goes down a small street which will have all metcalfe houses and shops etc on.
I still have to paint some clouds on the backscene yet but i think you will agree i have made good inroads on the layout.

Please feel free to add coments etc.

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Hi again everyone it seems that the last two photos did not upload so here they are again.

So hopefully they have gone on this time.

Please let me know what you think of the layout so far and give me some advice/encouragement.

Many thanks and kind regards

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