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Hi all,

I started re-constructing part of my layout yesterday, and so far i have managed to lay part of the track, and my northern rail 156 manages to get all the way round. The image below shows the area i have to work with, and the track as it was before being secured to the railway. I wish to have half od it sealed off (behind a screen) and have it as a mountainous area, and a village in the middle. The grassing that is on the image will be removed if i can remove it, and also the roads will be done as ive been advised. With flock, instead of paint.

Any comments on my railway?
I will keep you posted with updates,

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If the grass has been fixed with PVA adhesive it should come away with a good long soaking. When you re-do the grass try for some darker colours (unless its the photo shat makes the grass look a little light & bright) & also try to vary the shades a bit.

Otherwise it's comming along.

Incidently, Faller produce quite a good roadpaint - not a bad colour & it has quite a nice texture when dry.

Please keep us posted on progress.
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