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I thought I would put up my layout for disparaging comments and fun! Essentially it is a micro layout, i.e. totally contained within four square feet. It is a shunting puzzle (or shelf switcher for Americans!

All the action is based around an Inglenook sidings, which follow a strict formula and ratio of trucks to siding length, to create a shunting puzzle. For a better explanation of this type of puzzle please see HERE

The scene is set immediately prior to the last War in South-East London, amongst an industrial area. The vague notion is that the sidings are part of a much more complex industrial network... outwardly of a general manufacturing nature but secretly manufacturing munitions for the coming war. They are located at the end of a short line from the main complex and nestle between railway viaducts and industry of a less clandestine nature. There is some real-life justification of this as military industry was often carried on in works previously used for purely domestic engineering and production. Furthermore, it also gives me the opportunity for differing and seemingly unconnected wagons to be used, as during war-time military supply trains often used commandeered wagons or wagons were deliberately disguised as such.

From a modelling point of view I am also trying to utelise Hornby products (stock especially) and the scenery from any sources. I am also trying to create the entire layout for as near to nothing as I can money wise! Most of the stock, some of the track, the controller are second-hand. The timber was free, the stain left-over from other projects, the structures so far have been free. All I have purchased new have been some wagons (some are new but gifts and therefore 'free'!), some trackwork and some modelling tools like craft knife, etc. I estmate to have spent less than £65 so far...

For more on shunting puzzles, see THIS SITE, I epsecially reccomend the layout Little Blazey, a source of inspiration.

For more on the mad world of micro layouts see this WONDERFUL SITE but be warned if you have not seen it before, prepare to spend some hours reading!! My layout also appears in Scrapbooks #69 and #71.


The Plan:

The initial 'box' baseboard from ply with battens underneath. I removed the controller flap idea as it fould the trackwork when closed and was uncomfortable when open...

Loosely laid trackwork..

Track now laid and pinned and under test...

Good use of the freebie Scalescenes kits from Hornby magazine and an old box to create a viaduct and unloading stage...

Viaduct finished, arches added at other end and stock in place!

And before anyone says, yes I know the colours on the viaduct panles are a little off, but the camera does them a disservice. I used the free kit and photocpied some extra bits to make the fill in sections, hence the difference. I have yet to weather them down and add some budlea....

Since these photos I have stained the exterior of the baseboards to give a more pleasing effect. Time has prevented much more though, although enthusiasm is building again so watch this space!

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QUOTE (PaulRhB @ 28 Mar 2008, 11:18) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Nice start, can I just make one suggestion?
If you cut out the end board just under the bridge you could add a simple fiddleyard or even a second micro layout later.
Keep posting progress

Thanks for comments and this has been suggested before and i had considered it. It is unlikely to be extended TBH, but if it is, it is no bother to cut out at a later date, I have left enough room to do so....I think!
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