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My Midsomer-County

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I would like to present some images of my n-gauge layout here in this forum. It is my first layout overall and although living in Bavaria it is of course a British layout after spending a lot of holidays in the UK. One day it shall show scenes of the Great Western Railway, but now it is still under construction. At this time I have finished some parts of the landscape and I'm struggling with southern moor landscape, stone walls, castles, tors and in the next week I want to arrange a little stone circle.
I think it is easier to give a link to my homepage as to load up only a few images into this forum. I have taken a lot of photos to describe the complete development from the first moments in our cellar to the last granite stone rocks in my "Barrow Moor" in Midsomer County. Sorry, but not every text is written in English - I hope this will follow one day.

Have a lot of fun!
Henning <Edit: I activated the link - Moderator>
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Welcome to the Forum.

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John Webb
Hi & welcome to MRF,

Although I have only had time to look at your website briefly it looks very good - I'm especially impressed by the control panel.

Please keep us updated & enjoy the forum.
The track plan is instantly reconisable to us living here south of the Malago! B. It could have been devised by Colonel Steven's himself!. If you want a stone circle why not use our local attraction of Stanton Drew. Don't forget the cider traffic. I look forward to see more progress. Why it might even be my home town of Midsomer Norton. You might find membership of the N gauge society useful, they do all manner of bits and bobs for your scale. Try:
N Gauge Society
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Hi Henning from another GWR N Gauger.

Excellent looking layout and a first class web site with some very good progress photographs. The whole things looks extremely well made with great attention to detail. You have obviously given a great deal of time and thought to both. Congratulations.

On the subject of detail, what method are you using for the rock faces and stone walls ? Are they castings or carved plaster ?

Happy modelling,

Hi Henning,

Looks good and a nice well organised web site as well. Keep up the good work.

Many thanks to John who has made my link running and for all compliments!

All rocksurfaces are made from in Germany called "Styrodur" and at least some "Noch-Felsspachtel". You can see the workflow in some sequences, for example in "Warren-Cutting" or at least in "Quarry-Hill".

I'm still working at nearly 2,20 m stone walls in n-gauge! Here I found the best result in the peaces from Hornby Lyddle End. Although these wallparts have an very unuseless ledge I glue them together, fill it with a little plaster and reproduce some stonework at this place. The weathering will follow when I have glued all walls onto the layout. You will see the results as soon as possible.

QUOTE (Henning @ 3 Oct 2008, 12:35) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Many thanks to John who has made my link running ......

Thanks for the thanks but I must direct the thanks to the Moderator (one of the Forum bosses) who did it.


Last weekend I have finished the already announced old stone circle. On your walk you can find it behind the mystery Heathen-Tor.
Have a lot of fun!

Henning" target="_blank">
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