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hey folks, the boards are ready now, just playing around with different track set -ups till i find something i like - heres some pics for ya....

lots of changes still to take place and playing around - but the basis is :-
germany, no-place in particular ( i dont have a modellers license! lol) winter setting, mainline thru station with mainly hi speed passenger traffic ..

odd long distance goods trains will pass thru, viessman overhead non functional catenary but pantographs will be in contact so needs to be operationally sturdy and correctly aligned.

mountains at both ends to disguise the tightish curves ... the fastest trains negotiate the curves fine - ice - t and ice 3 both run fine at high speeds (scarliy hi speeds in tests) with out derailing ... so am ok with the to-be-hidden tight curves.

i wanna use super - elevation on the visible curves as i saw this recently on a modern day continental layout and the effect was super.

still a very long way to go - but heres progress so far!


1 - 3 of 3 Posts