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I know you've put a lot of work into that and that is to be encouraged - well done for having a go - we all started somewhere, but when weathering, I always encourage modellers to use photographs of the real thing so that one can model what one actually sees rather than what one 'thinks' one sees.

Putting aside whether an A3 would have been in this condition, for best results, you need to observe where the rust process starts, how the environment/weather affects it and how it progresses. All of this affects the tone - I think your overall colour is way too orange - most deteriorating locos were a mixture of greys and browns with tinges of reds and oranges limited to patches - colour photos are the only way to check this.

A loco in this condition would not have been in service and would have most fittings removed (especially ferrous metals), including coupling rods as they were high value and could be reused on other locos as spares.

Some of my weathering here:

Weathering Locomotives
Weathering 16T Mineral Wagons
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