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My OO garden layout

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These photographs were taken a few months ago (10 June). Since then the layout has survived a bombardment of apples and other debris with no serious effects. A couple of points no longer make good contact between the switch blade and the stock rail, but that was expected and the addition of micro switches is planned.

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As a matter of interest what track are you using and how has it stood up to the hot summer you have experienced this year?

I am thinking of doing something similar to provide a return loop. My railway room is in the garden but the summer heat we get here which will be 35 C plus in a month or two was a worrying factor albeit the area where I was thinking of putting the track is in the shade most of the day.

Finally what is the track bed? Is it roofing felt?
Thanks Mark. With the amount of work I still need to do inside it is going to be a while before I make a hole in the wall and take track outside. I think I will probably put a couple of feet of track outside for the next few months and see what happens to it!!
1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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