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My OO garden layout

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These photographs were taken a few months ago (10 June). Since then the layout has survived a bombardment of apples and other debris with no serious effects. A couple of points no longer make good contact between the switch blade and the stock rail, but that was expected and the addition of micro switches is planned.

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That looks good. It's one of those places where you can accept that leaves on the line is a real issue.
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QUOTE (Dennis David @ 13 Sep 2006, 09:29) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Mark please excuse the silly question but why did you use a table instead of laying the track on the dirt? Is this typical? Most garden Layouts that I have visited in the States are placed directly on the ground with proper roadbed of course.
I suppose you can do that with large scale track but with 00/HO it would soon be submerged under the dirt and if it rained it would be under mud.
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