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My OO garden layout

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These photographs were taken a few months ago (10 June). Since then the layout has survived a bombardment of apples and other debris with no serious effects. A couple of points no longer make good contact between the switch blade and the stock rail, but that was expected and the addition of micro switches is planned.

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QUOTE (dbclass50 @ 13 Sep 2006, 07:54) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>You can see that the main layout is in the outbuilding at "normal" baseboard height - would you place your baseboards directly on the floor ?
Only the transformer is inside the shed. The layout height has been chosen to suit my two older children (7 and 9) and be out of reach of the youngest (11 months) for a couple of years! Mud splatter was also a factor. I gather that track needs to be at least 10" above ground level to avoid the worst of this. The space underneath the main part of the layout is also being used to store stuff (non rail related). The control point folds back under the layout and is then safe from rain without needing to be disconnected.

We have a collection of Metcalfe buildings which are taken indoors when not operating (or if operating in the rain). Operating in the rain is another reason for a higher layout --- you don't have to kneel on the wet ground when putting stock on the track.

My next task is to fit proper tunnel entrances. I am undecided on the best material to use for this --- current options are concrete or the spray on expanding foam.
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The track is Peco code 75 pinned down with Peco track pins. On hot days there has been some warping of the track despite adequate gaps. I probably haven't used enough pins to keep it straight in places. The track was easily pushed back into place with fingers. When I'm satisfied that the gaps really are adequate I will ballast it (must also remember to give some extra space for the wire droppers).

If your track is in the shade for most of the day, the track temperature may not be as hot as in many UK loft layouts.

The track bed is 9mm exterior grade ply topped with the cheapest grade of roofing felt.
No the track doesn't enter the shed, it is merely screwed to the side for support. It would be tedious going into the shed to retrieve derailed stock, there is just too much junk in there (typical shed). The top of the tunnel section just lifts off.
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