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QUOTE but have you ever seen the crap on day time telly! I am so bored!!

A few years ago (actually its more like 10, oh heck doesn't time fly), the project I was working on involved capturing and printing images from a TV signal. So we had to watch daytime TV. It doesn't sound like its got any better. I think we found EuroSport the least worst but where do they find those activities. I think the most amazing was the one where you go for a swim in a harbour. There's a bicycle involved too I think.

So apart from providing you with a few seconds more distraction, my best wishes for a speedy recovery if only to save your sanity!

As an alternative to eBay, I can suggest a trawl of a couple railway related sites, if you haven't already tried them - one is the The Railway Accident Investigation Branch. Some of the reports are most informative on how railways work since part of the report is about explaining how the accident arose from it not working correctly.

Another is the Department for Transport rail section. I found this report on double deck trains an interesting read. It's from last summer. If you stay awake through that one, there may some other stuff of interest there too.

1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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