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Been through all of that, I've even been carried out of a physiotherapists on a stretcher, after manipulation failed to work.
I had two discectomy's which failed, followed by two fusions which have been highly successful. This enabled me to return to competitive Golf. 25 years later they are still giving me good service. Yes I get the odd period of back pain but then so do most people. I find reflexoligy gives me the most relief, my advise is stay away from Chiropractors as they often over work stained disc's and joints. I don't lift anything over 5kg if I can avoid it, I'm careful how I lift things, and I except that my back will never ever be supple again.
I have two Herman Miller Orthopedic chairs, one for my computer and one for my work bench and these provide almost 100% back support they were expensive but completely worth the money. Good luck with your treatment, and consider reflexoligy it works for me.
1 - 1 of 24 Posts
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