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My Prolapsed back !

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As you may notice I have written quite a few posts lately, and they seem to be getting earlier!!

A few years ago after I couldn't walk, had the MRI scan which confirmed that I had a prolapsed disk, what joy!
Went to physio and after 12weeks seemed to be on the mend, until the last 5 weeks when it's been getting steadily worse.

Went to the GP's last records of my previous back treatments, so hey ho, another load of brufen 400mg and pain killers that don't actually work.
Oh and a recommendation that I change my job!

Last Wednesday night was the crippler though, couldn't walk at all had to crawl around the house, which wasn't good.
Asked the Doc for some stronger tablets but I need to go and see him, the fact I couldn't actually walk made him just write out a prescription for my wife to collect, for the Diazepam...which don't seem to do anything!

So far every morning since, I've been waking up at between 3.30 and 4.00 as the pain down my left leg is so intense!
My new bed is on the front room floor on a quilt!
I wonder if SWMBO will let me start building a layout in here, I can just see her response now

Have now booked into to see a consultant, thank my work for giving me private health care!!
So we shall see what happens next week after he's had a look and no doubt another MRI scan....not alot of room in them things!

So a very early good morning to you all!
Lets see what the next installment is?

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QUOTE (wiggy25 @ 24 Jul 2008, 19:55) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Hi all!
Thanks for all the kind comments.

I had the operation on Saturday, got there at 07.15 went down at 12.30..the wait was not good.


So good news, just need to take it easy....wear a corset type of thing to hold my back straight everytime I standup or walk about. At least it's been done now and I can now start to recover.


***take your time and take it easy Ian - I'm delighted that things went well and I can understand how good it must feel being on the mend but I well remember Susie feeling the same way and trying to do too much a wee bit too fast after her operation - it wasn't a good idea!

Take it one step at a time and keep smiling!!

Kindest regards and sincere wishes for a pain free 2008 and beyond!

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Good to hear - now just take your time and get well properly

Good to hear your operation went well. Good luck with your recuperation Ian.
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