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My Thomas the Tank Birthday Card

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Sorry for the irreverance but I had to share this with you ... my birthday the day before last but it was only today that I spotted what was wrong with the portrayal of Dear Thomas and Freinds.
Don't be distracted by the card being photographed on my new layout, the white sleepers were used for a Christmas Santa's Cave layout a few years back and of course it always snows for Christmas, even out here in southern New Zealand for Mid-summer [ it might have been just hail for my first Christmas in Dunedin].

A clue ...I know a/some Welsh slate mines had flanges on both sides of the rail but I'm sure the Rev Audrey would not have approved this depiction

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methinks that they only drew one wheel for each, then copied it over to the other side................

(they seem to be broad-gauge too
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It is worse than that Cameron, shades of Hornby's middle wheels!

Particularly the 'red express' loco ... very broad.
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