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so.....did the OP manage to escape WITHOUT spending a month's wages in their excellent model shop?????

the one issue I have with modelling a heritage railway is.....getting the stock to LOOK right?

In their days of revenue operation on BR, the issue of weathering effects is dealt with easily, and techniques are well documented.

But on a railway such as South Devon, the appearance of the stock really is somewhat artificial......ex-works appearances really don't have the same aura as the [well looked after, admittedly] appearance of preserved stock.

How's about...''battered but smart''...rather than clean, ex-works?

A bit like many classic old cars that have been 'restored?'

nothing like what a brand new car would have looked like at the time?

which suggests a whole new technique is needed forcolour and appearances?
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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