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QUOTE I am a bit dubious of the "titanic ocean liner special ticket"
The titanic left from Southampton and not from plymouth. i have no doubt that the LSWR ran specials to southampton terminus or even the ternminal itself. but i cant imagine why the GWR would be running one.
also it says "issued onboard white star liner titannic". if that was the case then surely if it was to be a GWR ticket then it would be the other way round. to plymouth from london. presumably at the time it was quicker to use the fast one to waterloo and cross london to get an express to plymouth?

Sounds like a bit of "Marketing" to me. The Titanic did visit Cherbourg and Cobh on the ill fated journey but there is no mention of Plymouth. (Check FAQ 14 on the RMS Titanic Inc website)

1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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