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QUOTE (Doug @ 28 Mar 11:08)Interesting how the Germans model. They quite often weather their locos and scenery, but they do so in an unrealistic way. They keep the weathering 'clean'. It still looks pristine and neat and sometimes toy-like.
Don't forget that these are lay-outs from manufacturers. I think they don't care if it is totally realistic weathering. Probably it is even unwanted, as they would like to show their models. So they don't build an high-standard exhibition-lay-out, but a lay-out to show their products.

There are 'clean' weathered (exhibition)lay-outs in Germany, but i don't think that's a typically German thing.

QUOTE (Dennis David @ 29 Mar 2006, 14:21)Actually the Kato girl is more my style.

I totally agree. I will check if she is at the Lemke/Kato-stand next week at Intermodellbau in Dortmund
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