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Nürnberg Toy Fair 2012

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Model Rail Forum will have a reporter at the Toy Fair this year.

If you are going and would like to meet up, please let me know.

If you have a stand at the Toy Fair and would like Model Rail Forum to come along and report on your products, please let me know.

Questions / Requests
If any member has any specific questions or requests, please let us know here in this topic. Do you want to know anything specific about a new Model Railway related product? Would you like to see a specific photo of a new product or prototype? Would you like to see a photo of anything else at the fair: Diecast, RC, Planes, Slot Cars etc. The reporters may not get around to it all, but if there is time, they may try.
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I don't see any mention in the text of any camera device that will stream pictures to your handset, so I suspect that the graphic in the background is just eye candy.

QUOTE live video from a camera in the subject model train cab.

That would be a lot more interesting...


You can the introduction to Doug's report here -

It contains plenty of photos and a couple of videos.

1 - 3 of 25 Posts
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