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The normal understanding of 'the motion' on a steam model is the outside rods; and specifically what needs a tiny - very tiny - occasional dab of light oil is each moving joint and the slide bars to minimise wear. (Experience from OO*, I go around the motion joints every couple of months, the locos accruing about 30 hours running over that time period; and this works well enough that locos that have had this treatment over 20 years are still all in one piece.)

And further: generally no need to take the keeper plate off in my opinion. I would hope that the mechanism has a supply of light grease, adequate to keep it running well for many years. (Experience from OO*, grease lubrication in steamers is good for up to 5 years, and in centre motor twin bogie drives I have a 30 year old mechanism still running, never yet required a relube. What with N gauge being an eighth of the mass of OO, I'd gamble on never looking inside unless there are indications - slowing, 'audible complaint' - that attention to internal lubrication is required.)

*Experienced N gauge operator's advice may well differ, and should be given priority. HTH
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