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n gauge dcc

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can all n gauge steam locos be converted to dcc and can dapol locos be converted if not ready
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I have yet to find an N Scale loco of any make that can't be converted to DCC, although some may be more tricky than others.
just about every recent n gauge loco these days is dcc friendly - most have a socket where u just plug the decoder in ... those that dont - there are places u can send your loco to that are experts in converting them to dcc use eg some of the older graham farish diesel stock ... there are nearly always solutions.

i have 2 n gauge fleischmann "Glasskasten" lococ - 0-4-0 ... these locos are miniscule - have a look at the fleischmann website and they are dcc equiped as standard - just amazing!. so yes, it CAN be done!
Hi w22w and welcome to the MRF.

As others have said, there should be no problem installing DCC in N Gauge steam locos.

I have 14 GWR steamers (Dapol, GF & Peco) ranging from small 0-6-0 Pannier Tanks to 4-6-0 Kings and they are all 'chipped' for DCC. I admit that it is not possible to completely hide the chips within the boiler or tender of smaller locos so they are generally fitted into the cab space. If this is done properly, however, by fixing the chip up onto the roof of the cab, for example, it is not too prominent and by adding crew it becomes even less so.

Being new to both N Gauge and DCC I had my locos chipped professionally by Digitrains who's website is at but, having now seen how it is done I think I will probably have a go myself on any further locos I acquire. If you give Chris a call at Digitrains I'm sure he will be able to help.
hi i eventually want to get all my farish locos converted to dcc' preferably with sound 'but space is a problem in farish so i will be happy for just the dcc smooth realistic running .all you need to do is make sure your track is clean and properly wired .
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