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n gauge minimum track spacing

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hey folks, im needing to get 6 long straight tracks as close together as possible on a narrow stretch of board.... what is the closest spacing measuring from rail to rail on adjoining tracks thats recommended. i dont run any oversize / over width special trains, just standard mintrix and fleischmann stock mostly hi speed passneger trains.

i suppose i cud just place the stock on 2 adjacent pieces of straight tracks and remove the trains the measure the track spacing and use that as my guide - anything i shud bear in mind apart from that?
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I use the Peco SL-336 6ft way gauge as seen here.
MOROP international standards can be useful for this sort of thing, and caternary, ballast, tunnel dimensions etc.

Track spacing is 112 in the list. All the European N scale manufacturers comply with this MOROP international standards as far as I know.

Hope this helps, lots of such useful stuff on the website!
hi goedel -

thanks for that link - it all looks a bit complicated for me! i think ill lay the curved tracks loose on the boards, then put 2 of the longest carriages ill run on the curves and space the track apart sufficiently so that the coaches pass each other without hitting! ... my tight curves will all be hidden under tunnels anyway, so they wont be visible!.

that peco track gauge looks handy for the straight traicks though, thanks for posting that - and its so cheap so ill definitely buy one!

thanks again folks!, what a great site this is!
Hi there.

If you have a look in the Resources Section at the top left of this page you will find the full Loading Gauge dimensions for all the popular gauges. Click here for the direct link

For N Gauge the standard centre to centre distance is 25mm.
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