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N Gauge Modern Image

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Hi Guys,

I sold the few OO bits left in the shed and have started the baseboard of my N Gauge modern image layout. Its 2.4m x 50cm scenic with a 30cm fiddle yard.

I hope to keep this post updated weekly as it progresses.

There is a step in the baseboard to allow for track on embankments although I have not finalised the plan yet!

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I have ordered a few "sample" wagons from eHattons. I will be ordering a full rake in January the contenders are between the ever popular EWS HTA, Container Intermodal, and Tarmac JGA. The BRA/BYA are a bit boring and the MBA is far to American.

It would seem that the 40' and 20' container accessories do NOT fit the Intermodal container flats without chopping off the lugs and using tacky-wax.

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Nice work Tom

Ill keep my eye on your thread for the updates.

Best regards

I am looking at some point motors for the fiddle yard, would you recommend Slow Action motors or Solenoid motors.

The "Seep" solenoid motors are cheaper but dose the quick action changing damage the points?

Also I am using a Gaugemaster Prodigy Advance Controller, is it compatible with all DCC equipments such as:


The solenoid motors do not damage the points but there is a few things with them:

~ They are much noisier than slow motion points
~ The point motors can get damaged if power is supplied for too long.
~ They can require a CDU if you have lots of points, especially if you are pulling several off at once.

Hoped this helped,
I have glued down some B&Q underfloor laminate foam using Copydex and have started track laying. The fiddle yard oval is complete but I would like to wire this up before I continue with laying the sidings.

I have received my order from ehattons and now have a small rake of 13 "Tarmac" JGAs. Unfortunately two of them have conducting axles and so will have to be replaced

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I also ordered the Scenecraft Market Hampton Station, Waiting Room, Gentleman's Toilets, Ladies Toilets, Signal Box and Sectional Lineside Hut.

Concrete Mixing Hopper, Aggregate Weigh Station, Industrial Silo, Electrical Sub Station and Site Office.

Also Dapol OHLE which is very well made from a strange sort of impact resistant plastic, Lineside workers and Knightwing moldings (from Gaugemaster)

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The fiddle yard is now complete and all working. The only thing left to do now is install the point motors which hopefully I will get next month.

The mainline tracks are kept 40mm apart for clearance on the corners, this tapers in for the scissor crossing.

It also turns out my long weekend trip in March coincides with The London Festive of Railway Modelling which was a nice surprise.
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Very nice progress, may I ask what you have laid the track on please and what tickness it is.

Thanks for the updates

Hi Willy,

I have used 3mm B&Q Laminate Floor Underlay stuck down with Copydex and Ducktape on the joins. It gives a neat finish however, I would NOT use or recommend this method again because:

-The underlay is two spongy and pulls the track in. Where the sleepers are nailed the track had buckled. For the same reason the fishplates are put under alot of stress.
-Its very difficult to drill through Copydex, the glue sticks to the drill bit.
-Lastly underlay tears to easily.
I have started landscaping below is a photo looking eastbound.

A close-up of the area around the bridge and cement works.

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You are making good progress on the layout Tom. Well done!

I will be following this thread with intereset.
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looking damn good there mate!, how did you get the angles on the boards like that for the landscaping?
Hi ClawzCTR,

I'm not entirely sure what you mean by getting the angles on the board. I have placed a 9mm sheet of MDF (two because B&Q ran out of full sheets
) over the main baseboard and traced the outline of the track.

I then cutout the outline of the embankment with a hand saw (jigsaw on the internal angles) and packed them out with 2"x"2 planed to various thicknesses. When this is finished I will scribe in some more 9mm MDF to cover the gap at the front.
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Nice ,tidy work there.

I have had arcing on three of my New Graham Farish JGAs. Is this a problem inherent to tiny wheels or have I got a faulty batch?

I have uploaded my first video to YouTube. It's not the best quality or longest video ever uploaded.

It shows a Graham Fairish 60 and 11 JGAs on my layout, 10sec long.
OK I have tried three different methods of building up my scenery:

1: Oasis Modeling Foam, absolute and complete failure. It's to spongy, to expensive, and impossible to glue because it absorbs everything.

2: Expanding foam / Foam glue, alright but not ideal. It's very strong and light weight but difficult to shape into anything realistic.

3: Hardwall -

No good if you have a exhibition layout as it's to heavy, but if your layout is stationary its a ideal filler material. You can shape it with ease and sand it to shape.

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Received some new rolling stock from eHattons. I uploaded a YouTube video, quality isn't that good, but nether is the layout!

GF Class 66 GBRf + 10 HYA Hoppers
Dapol Pretendolino box set + 3 carriages

The scissor crossing in the fiddle yard is being a complete nightmare derailing trains left, right and centre.

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