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N Gauge Newbie

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Hi, I'm returning after decades away ... as a kid I had a collection of BR Blue era Hornby OO trains, which I recently rediscovered. My first intention was to get them back up and running, but I just don't have the space so I've opted for N gauge.

Its early days for me right now. I'm still learning/making lots of mistakes. My first layout is a shelf layout based on the Berry Wiggins oil refinery sidings that used to be in Kingsnorth Kent. It has plenty of shunting puzzle potential to keep me occupied. It also has plenty of faults.

Looking towards the future ... I love train travel in Europe. Thats what lead me to dig out my OO trains, so thats another direction I'd like to explore.
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Hi Al and welcome to MRF.

We're a pretty friendly bunch (most of the time!).

Any questions fire away and someone will doubtless be along to help.

Welcome to MRF Al - nice to see another Kent Member.

I'm sure I'll have plenty of questions. I've still got lots to learn, but having fun in the process.

Hi Al and welcome to the MRF from a fellow N Gauger.

Like yourself I have had OO layouts in the past but, due to space constraints, have now moved into N Gauge.

I can certainly vouch for the MRF as a great forum with lots of friendly members who are always willing to help out others.

Look forward to seeing your progress.

Happy Modelling,

Hi Al,
Welcome to the forum,

Another N gauge modeller here still learning as well but as has been said a friendly bunch on here always willing to help ........
enjoy your n gauge
Hello and Welcome

Lots to view on this forum
Regards Zmil
Hello Al,

Welcome from another of the N gauge modellers on MRF - my interest is on the continent focused on Switzerland.

As has been said by others, plenty of help from a knowledgeable and friendly crowd - if in doubt, ask!

1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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