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What did people think about the new items on show by Dapol, Peco and Farish.

The Thrall/EWS Hopper looks very nice as does the Class 57 moulding.

The Dapol Boss George Smith has hinted that the new Britannia has been put back 12 months and another Large Loco has been made and it has been tested and can pull an astounding 22 coaches!!!

He will not say what the next modern image loco will be so as to play his cards close to his chest.

Expect some reviews in a mag about the Freightliner 66 and the new Maroon Collets.

These locos and coaches will be joined by another 2 liveries of the M7 (Southern livery looks amazing) will be out end of June begining of July.

The Peco Collet Loco looks amazing and stocks are being built up now so expect it in the next few weeks.

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