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N gauge track

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Anybody know any sites which sell N gauge track the stuff with the plastic ballast allready attached ?
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Hi Nathan

KATO Unitrack is what you're looking for. Two outlets that I know stock it are M G Sharp of Sheffield (website is at ) and the Model Railshop at Abingdon (also known as Osborns's - website ). If Osborn's don't show it on their webpage, an email will get a prompt reply telling you what the stock situation is. Being a Japanese product, the availabliity of this track is variable.

I have bought two of the track packs, K1 oval set and K2 electric turnout set, which allows me to set up a temparary running track on the dining room table so I can set my locos running occasionally. (SWMBO actually likes this because it means no mess!) The KATO points (turnouts) seem expensive but don't forget they have a point mptor built in.

Th M G Sharp webpage has a downloadable datasheet on KATO Unitrack which you will find very useful.

Happy modelling
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