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QUOTE (70042 @ 11 Oct 2006, 17:25) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>As I now have a layout (of sorts) and lots of rolling stock and locomotives does anyone know where I can get some reasonably accurate catenery. When in Zuerich last week I saw some wonderfully detailed (fairly accurate) Swiss catenery which the owner assured me was from Sweden. Has anyone any other information on this subject?

Hello 70042,

I did come across one reference on this Swedish website, but it is quite mysterious:

It mentions a company called Bröderna Jonssons industri AB which makes "Luftledning i HO och N" or Catenary in H0 and N. A google search then yields the following address of a company which turns out to be a funiture/fittted kitchen manufacturer, perhaps the owners are modellers and make cantenary as a side line? Maybe you could email them...(although "Träin" doesn't seem to mean "train")

Staffan Jonsson
AB Bröderna Jonssons Träindustri
Box 33
340 10 LIDHULT

Tel: 035-18 10 00
Fax: 035-910 30

[email protected]

Hope this helps, I would also be interested in this as I'm looking for catenary suitable for my SBB models too! Then again, the ÖBB catenary is more like the DB I think so I have a dilema over which to fit! I'm thinking of making it all myself because single masts are expensive enough from Sommerfeldt / Viessman / etc. without thinking how much gantry catenary is!

The only cheap catenary I've found so far is by Hobbex, not sold in the UK of course, and DB style anyway! The search goes on...

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