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N Level Crossing Kits

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Hi All,

I want to build a traditional [UK] level crossing with four wooden gates on my N gauge layout. Does anyone know the width of road that the Ratio gates kit will close?

My road is 75mm wide, and I need the gates to close the railway at 75mm wide too because I have a wide interval between the two running lines at that point.

I would like the option of ultimately making the gates move, so hinged gates would be handy.


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Hi Dan,

I don't know about the Ratio Crossing Gates as I am using the Fleetline white metal kit. I have a single line crossing and the gates measure 37mm from centre of hinge to outside edge of the gate. 2 single line kits should therefore just about give you the 75mm you need.

I'll be interested to see how you go about motorising something this small !! The only way I can think of doing it is using a slow action point motor (tortoise or similar).


QUOTE The only way I can think of doing it is using a slow action point motor (tortoise or similar).

Using a servo motor to operate a right angle crank where the gate post is mounted at the crank's pivot point is possibly easier provided you can supply the digital pulse train required to drive the servo motor.

Memory wire might also be a possible solution if the gates aren't too heavy.

Hi Dan,

please have a look at following link:

here I have shown my working n-gauge level crossing, sorry but the description here is in German.
But you could also read it in the last RAILWAY MODELLER / March 2008 in English.
More images you can see on my homepage:

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If not too late, PECO do a 4-gate, double road level crossing and the number is NB50. Whether or not this is of any use to you, I don't know, but Good Luck in meeting your requirements.
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