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like everything else in model railways, narrow gauge nomenclature [cough] is a compromise.

Start off with one's chosen scale/standard gauge symbol.

HO is 3.5 mm/foot, on 16.5mm gauge track...a scale ratio of 1/87.
OO is 4 mm/foot.....on 16.5mm track....a ratio of 1/72..or somesuch.
O is 7 mm/foot.....on 32mm gauge track.....scale ratio is 1/40something.
N is a tad over 2mm /foot, 9mm track
but there is also 2 mm scale as well...the TT at 3mm/foot, 12 mm gauge track....and so on

ok so far?

Now then...combine HO.[3.5mm scale, 1/87] with 9 mm [N gauge] track..and you get, I believe, HOe...or a track gauge of around 2 foot 6" or so.
HOm uses, I believe, 12mm gauge track [TT gauge] deliver metre gauge.
HOn3 is popular in the 'States...3.5mm scale, 10.5mm gauge track, for 3 foot gauge prototypes...(Denver & Rio Grande?]

For 4 mm scale, we have what used to be OOn2, for 2' 3" gauge, on N gauge track......on 12mm [TT] track it used to be OOn3...[3 foot gauge].

Then for 7 mm scale, we have On2, On3.....the former using 14mm gauge track [Roy Link products?]...then there's On2.5....which used OO/HO gauge track, with 7mm scale.

not forgetting the past years, with the likes of GEM producing wonderful welsh a scale of around 5.5mm foot...

BEMO stuff is HOm.

then there's Nscale, on Zgauge track..tiny.

my advice would be, pick a scale/gauge ratio that is the largest you have room for.
never mind the names........a good starter to pick a scale is, to find out who makes figures and vehicles in a scale[ratio] that appeals to you.
then find a proprietary track gauge that gives you approximately teh prototype gauge you want, for that scale.

people, and lorries are hard to adapt to other scales.....locos, stock and track can cross-dress anytime.
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