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QUOTE (Wingnut @ 14 Nov 2007, 20:27) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>One further question if I may, if i keep to shorter rolling stock, what would be the tightest radius bend i could get away with behind the scenes?

Thanx again to all those that answered my post, it is this sort of help which is invaluable to people new or returning to this or any hobby, now if any one needs to know anything about bog snorkelling fire away


Hi - In my experience its usually the locos wheelbase which is the major factor in the minimum radius of track. A fairly safe bet is 6" radius but with a short wheelbase loco, skip/slate wagons, bogie coaches or longer 4 wheel wagons that have a coupling that swivels slightly (Egger-Bahn) you should be ok with 4" radius. Especially if you use Paul Windle couplings which have a particularly large loop to allow very tight radius curves to be negotiated.

David Y
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