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[quote name='Martin71' date='1 Oct 2007, 17:23' post='36602']
Hi Ian

You said: "In other words I dont want to get so frustrated with my Ecos because I cant operate it. Yes I know read the book."

***Having met you and chatted for a while I can assure you that you'll have no trouble with any system, and the ECOS is actually a delight to use - its another user friendly product that like the NCE, is one users can be comfortable with fast.

Of course being a menu driven "Train computer" at heart it is a higher tech look system... but it speaks plainly and as long as you read the screens, its a doddle.

As to the book, yes, its a huge read, but there's a "help" icon on the screen too - touch it during any procedure and you'll get a help screen drop down with all the data needed to walk you through it.... so your maunal won't need much attention for other than the more complex stuff.

Kind regards

1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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