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A very short while ago, the issue of loco's having their lights and sound turned off by the revised NCE software in the Procab via the function refresh function which happenned automatically in version 1.28 of the PowerCab...

There was some discussion of this on MRF which some forum members, Ian among them, then also took and presented very well to the NCE Yahoo list. The issue was actually one that had not surfaced before and not seen as a problem by most US modellers, however some patient explaination got the message through very well indeed.

One of NCE's more sensible and helpful "bet a testers" picked up the issue, did some checking and corresponded off lists to myself and Ian, carefully quantifying the issue and making sure it was clearly understood. He then took it to NCE who have, in the period of only a few weeks, already taken action!

Here is the email I (and Ian) recently received from him on the subject.

I've just received my Feb 2 2008 EPROM to beta test and that problem that Ian was having with the sound and headlights going OFF when re-selecting a loco, has been changed by giving the user an option in the Command Station Setup, called "SEL LOCO REFRESH" - Enable Yes or No. Select "No" and the sound and lights do NOT reset. Just what Ian wanted.[/color] The trouble is, this is in the Power Pro. I am sure NCE will implement this into the Power Cab, but I'll have to wait for the code for the Power Cab and they are different EPROMs. Anyway NCE is listening to users wishes.

I should emphasise that:
* We were really lucky that we hit the timing just right for this change and presented it well so it could be quickly understood and taken on board as the new EPROM was already under development....

* This is the first test of the new 2008 EPROM upgrade that will be created for both Powerhouse Pro and PowerCab.

* It will take some time for testing to be complete, and then NCE will announce its availability - this could be several months as every bit of the new code has to be 100% proven before new chips are available to all NCE owners.

* Please be patient and don't hassle NCE or your dealer for a quicker answer - as soon as its available, one way or another, you will be quickly find out and / or be advised.

For the information of those that do not own NCE they produce a new up-rated chip for all their systems regularly so no matter how long ago you bought it, your NCE will always be up to date, and in 2008, NCE can again be totally refreshed to "new spec" by every owner as replacement is easily done by any careful modeller and its not expensive at all....

Well done NCE, and well done Ian and other MRF members for taking a good subject, presenting it well and getting the attention of a major DCC manufacturer!


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