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Hi all
We seem to have drifted well away from what Parksie was asking originally!
What he hasn't said is what style of track / pointwork he's going to use. I suspect that as this is his first layout then he's using Hornby or Peco Setrack?
So frog switching isn't an issue. Keeping point electric operation and indication design simple and easy for a novice to follow isn't easy.

For illumination of a Mimic Panel why not do as the real thing does? Use yellow LEDs in row to show which direction has been selected? Red / Green indications are really for signal aspect indication. I use this method on my mimic / control panel. I only use two LEDs per turnout direction and feed these via one wire from the motors output switches contacts. the "Normal" & "Reverse" connections on the motors switch are connected to two positive 12 v bus bars. the LEDs returns are connect to the appropriate supplies negative connection. See my web sites diagram for a drawing Point wiring & Indications Scroll to the bottom of the Point topic for indication wiring.

Now. Why cant I seem to be able to upload a diagram to the forum???
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