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I am glad that you have introduced Fulgurex slow acting point motors into the discussion because I use them on my layout, as well as the very similar Lemaco type. It is cheaper to buy them in batches of 5 or 10 than to buy them indivually. I got mine from Kittle Hobbies, of Swansea, 01792 232508. You only need two wires to a Fulgurex, one will be a common return to all your point motors and the other goes to the other point motor terminal. Each point motor has four microswitches, two of which control the travel of the actuating rod. The other two are for you to use as you wish. You can use one for the live frog and the other for switching signals or interlocking with other points.

I supply about 12 volts AC to one side of a double pole switch through a pair of diodes so that one switch terminal gets positive volts and the other gets negative volts. By throwing the switch you reverse the polarity of the supply to the motor and it drives the actuation rod to the other end of its travel where it is stopped by another micro switch. I use the other side of the double pole switch to operate LEDs indicating the route set on a mimic diagram above my control panel. However it only shows where you have set the points, not where they really are, something to bear in mind.

This method of wiring provides half wave rectified power to the point motors. There is a more complicated method of wiring that uses two transformers and two bridge rectifiers. It provides full wave rectified power, which makes the point motors slightly less noisy.

The advantage of the Fulgurex system is that there is much less wiring, which is so important when you are building a portable layout with multi pin connectors or DIN plugs at the board joints.

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