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Hi Guys,

I agree with dwb & Columbo - I, also have found the Peco switch to be unreliable - the more expensive one is better, but by the time you add up the cost of the point motor & additional switches you are getting near to the price of the Fugarex/Lemaco ones with all the advantages they have, smooth sloww action, no "clack" when operating (no CDU either !) & they are kinder to the point mechanisms.

Unfortunatly, IMHO Peco design & tooling is still in the 60/70's.

If you use solenoid type motors with "end-off" swiching you can use the Viessmann 4 gang switch (cat no.5549) it has momentry contacts & has red/green LED indication, it is also small & neat & a reasonable price.

best regards
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