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Need help finding track plans...

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I have been looking for 7 years for track plans of Tunbridge Wells West station, which is in Kent and closed down in 1985.. Now i have narrowed down the search to a Model Railways magazine dated November 1978.. But i have come up short on locating a copy of that magazine

So i was wondering is there anyone out there who has the Track Plans or the Magazine in question that can Scan the plans for me??? I have had a Dream of building T-Wells West and donating it to Spa Valley Railway who now perserve the old line for a very long time, it's time to get this dream off the ground..

Any Help you guys/ladies can give me would be very helpful..


P.S i tried Ebay lol
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Dear Simon,
Your local library may hold old maps showing the station and it's track layout, as indeed may the Spa Railway.

Middleton Press may well have a book covering your area of interest.

These may be quicker than trying to find a copy of a 1978 magazine. However, a number of preserved railways hold stocks of old magazines donated by members and sell them to raise funds. Two worth trying are - they have a wide range of magazines at their Leyburn station. who keep magazines in their second-hand shop at Embsey station.

Hope this helps,
John Webb
As I recall, the plan you are after was part of a feature on the Mid-Sussex 18.83 group who also intended to build a replica of Tunbridge Wells West, but they subsequently decided to scale down their aspirations as it turned out to be quite a mammoth task. I should have a copy of the article that I could scan at home.
Apart from the Middleton Press book on the line, plans would also have appeared, I think, in Alan Eliot's book on the Cuckoo Line, which included the line to TW and also the book on Southern Railway locomotive sheds, although you should have come across these in your research already.
Another source, that I can thoroughly recommend, is the Alan Godfrey reproductions of large scale Ordnance Survey maps. For the princely sum of £2.20, plus modest postage, they can offer a detailed map of the area, from which most of the track details can be determined. The particular one you want is Kent Sheet 60.11 Tunbridge Wells SW, which dates from 1907.

Hope that helps
Nick H
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If the magazine you're lookin for is 'Model Railways' Nov 1978, then there's one on Ebay right now for £5.79 inc postage. Item no. 190093886327.
I have scanned the article and some other bits, including signalling diagrams from 1923 and will try to email them to you.
I had hoped to post a picture showing the track plan but cannot fathom out how to do it now, so everyone else will remain in the dark!
Nick Holliday
There are quite a few pictures and some information that may be of help at Disused Railway Stations

Hope this is of some help.
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