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Given that Bachmann don't even adhere to a single standard height for the NEM pockets on their own stuff , the thought processes are a little difficult to follow.

The Hornby 156 is non-standard (way too low) but here the blame lies with Lima who really should have got it right, being Continentals. On the stuff they've tooled themselves, to the best of my knowledge , the height is accurate. However they've only been doing this in the last couple of years - hence earlier models don't have pockets and won't have till they are eventually retooled

So far as I'm aware the fishtail mounting is NEM363 - the Bachmann Turbostar carries these internally , with Roco style couplings , and I strongly suspect they are Roco couplings , from the Lilliput part of Bachmann, fitted into a suitable socket. The NEM pockets on the 108 external ends seem to be accurate - at least they align with my Kadee height gauge

Really we need the standard formally set out , for 4mm. The wheel doesn't nedd to be reinvented - it merely needs a picture on the wall labeled "This is a wheel"
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