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NEM pockets

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Just a quick question I've been checking out different couplings. My latest OO scale loco has no NEM pockets. Can these be purchased anywhere or am I stuck with the tension hook? I've visited quite a few retailers' sites and it's easy to find the couplings but not the pockets.
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Mark, I DID check Hatton's - honest. Didn't realise Bachmann made them.
Brian thankyou for the offer. Very good of you. I'll see how I go.
Thankyou both.
Peter do you mean the new Hornby close-coupling ones? Why can't they show images of couplings on their site? Very frustrating.
Thanks David. Found the pic on the electric nose site. Will search here again too.
""no i mean the tension locks. they are supplied with NEM pockets. you take off the pocket and glue it to your stock then insert the coupler the same way you do with any other NEM item.""

Ahhh Thanks Peter.
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1 - 5 of 10 Posts
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