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NEM652 socket

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I'm new to DCC but have successfully hard-wired two locos.

Given that decoders are certain to become obsolete as better and
better become available, I think it would be a good idea to hard-wire
the NEM 652 socket into my non-DCC-ready locos so that I can change
the decoder easily in the future.

So I've got two questions:

1 Is this a good or a bad idea?

2 If good, where can I buy the sockets? Have searched web and forums
for hours but found nothing.

Thanks in advance. To see how modellers try to help each other is
truly humbling

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I thought of doing this. I think it's a great idea.

They are very difficult to find. Try China

Anyway, I looked at the sevice sheets and there is a NEM socket with wires, Hornby spares part #: X9084 (PCB Socket +Pins).

I contacted Hornby who gave me these contact details:

East Kent Models tel no. 01 227 770777 or Burnley Model Spares tel. no. 01 282 771109

The only problem is that the socket is selling for about £5. I think that's a little expensive. I wanted 10 for some locos that I had to chip, but the prospect of spending £50 on them was just too daunting.

Let us know if you have better success.
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Try either Loys Toys or Tony's Trains in the US, I know one of them stocks them, but can't remember which.
Just had a look, you can get them from Tony's Trains, have a look here
but why you would bother to fit a DCC socket, I can think of many loco's where this is insufficent space for a plug. Plugs are generally more trouble than their worth, my general approach is to remove a plug where ever possible.
I have supreem confidence of my ability with a soldering iron, and I trust my own work
to be carried out correctly. I have seen many posts, (not to this forum yet) where decoders have failed due to faulty plugs, the most common being shorting on the underside of the plug. This can be an expencive exercise, particularly if a sound decoder is installed.
My advice is don't install plugs where there ar'nt any.

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