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QUOTE (LMS 10456 @ 5 Jan 2006, 12:17) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Hi.
Anyone out there have a drawing of this vehicle that I can beg/borrow/pay for.
(D&S Models made a kit some time ago, but I don't have any instructions)
Thanks in advance.
Pete wright

I have a D&S Diagram 20 NER 6 Wheel Brake Third i am building at present. If its any good i will photcopy instructions for you. Let us know address via PM


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Dan Pinnock (D&S Models, 46 the Street, Wallington, Baldock, Herts, SG7 6SW) has confirmed that following the encouraging take up of earlier re-releases of D&S Models 4mm stock, he now proposes to re-release the following kits:

April-May 2011
GNR 6-wheel stock & articulated sets, carriage trucks (open & closed), which in general covered the period 1890 to BR days, with examples of six-wheel stock lasting in departmental use until the 1960's.

All @ £28.50 each plus £1.90 p&p
DS 266 6-wheel luggage brake
DS 267 6-wheel milk/fruit van
DS 282 6-wheel third Dia. 245
DS 283 6-wheel brake third Dia. 281
DS 285 6-wheel composite Dia. 156

All @ £20.50 each plus £1.90 p&p
DS 268 4-wheel CCT Dia. 364
DS 289 4-wheel CCT Dia. 360

At £18.50 plus £1.90 p&p
DS 290 4-wheel OCT Dia. 375

Articulated sets can be supplied as twins @ £65, triplets @ £96.50 and quads @ £124. Set information sheet available on request.

May-June 2011
NER Clerestory 52ft coaches. These span a period again from the 1890's to the early BR mid-1950 period. Many were cascaded in the 1930's to other areas on the LNER, including the GE Section, where they formed an integral part.

Price to be advised.
DS 171 NER 52' Clerestory third Dia. 14
DS 172 NER 52' Clerestory composite Dia. 5
DS 173 NER 52' Clerestory locker comp Dia. 7
DS 186 NER 52' Clerestory comp bk third Dia. 76

Autumn 2011
To follow those above, will be GNR bogie stock, GER six wheelers and NPCS from the LNER & its constituents.

If of sufficient interest, he also proposes to re-release DS 116 GER six-wheel Lav-third Dia. 407 (which hasn't been available for 15-20 years!) and Dia. 404 which lasted well into LNER days and was by far the most numerous of the final builds of GE six-wheelers.

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