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new 009 layout

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Myself and a friend have just started..(literally) on a 009 far we have the boards.. two lengths of track...3 coaches..1 guards van and a hunslet white metal kit..with no chassis..

any idea where we could aquire the right chassis..i think its the iberten cuckoo

any idea on where to find it and for the layout are most welcomed
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I spent a very long time trying to get an Ibertren cuckoo - the company does not exist any more. I understand that there is a replacement available from the 7mmnga now but i think you might have to be a member of there group to purchase them. I would give you the web link but there site seems to be down at the moment for some reason. I also do 009 and if u want some ideas please have a look at my layout here

hope it helps you - any other questions please ask .....

nice layout...would liek to see it in operation...thanks for the info
well so far we have three 2ftx4ft baseboards and the scenic back boards are in place..withou the scenic side..wednesday will be the arrival of the 4 4x2ft and 2 4x4ft sheets of MDF and some more 1x1 and 2x1 neccesary for the next idea we have had...will post some pictures as i still havnt found how to pist them yet lol!
well we now have our layout up( not running) and its very sturday...we decided to use as much as poosible from the materials that my grandmothers(whose gargage we raid every session) old cupborads...and one peice wasnt quite 4 feet in we cut up our work bench as i just so happened to be 8ft now we have plenty of 4 feet lengths:p...luckily there was another 8ft plank to take its posted soon
Contact the 009 society as they have a sales stand selling secondhand stuff and iberten chassis still turn up.
If you have trouble contacting them pm or email me and I'll get Brian's number who organises it as he lives locally and I can get his number from a mate.
thank you very much for the info
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track has been i have a photo bucket account i will be able to put all the pics up shortly...also been buying bits o rolling stock of ebay over the past couple of days...just need locos now
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ooo i didnt see that one...i have just bought a few coaches and waggons n what not jus bidding on some locos now....will keep my eye on that one...thanks
QUOTE (Teleman @ 17 Feb 2008, 22:56) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>I see it sold for £51.50 did you bid ?
More importantly, did the shill bidder win?
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haha no i didnt win but i do have (after going ebay mad) a few waggons..20 or so, and a few coaches...4 i also have 2 steam locos being delivered and 3 deisel...oh and we went to a local exhibition yesterday..found this very nice chap who 'did' have a 009 layour but has converted it to a 'thomas' for the kids and bought all his 009 rolling stocka nd locos for £50.....oh ans so far we have one board - out of 3 - working..only on DC tho..we plan to go DCC wen time prevails...
well after a trip to te nottingham exhibition...we have been asked to exhibit our layout at te 2010 syston MRC exhibition...which means we must get a shift will be up soon....all the boards are complete just need teh track laying and teh scenicns doing..should be done by they
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