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Agreed it is a pity they are not doing a Class 24 with sound, I like the plain green D5013 too.

As long as both versions have 21 Pin decoder sockets Doug, it should just be a case of nicking the decoder and speaker from a class 25, and putting the socket blanking plate from the 24 in their place.

Also a coule of weeks ago I tried a Howes sound unit (Based on the ESU Loksound Micro) in one of my Class 37s. Need to get a 21 pin to 8 pin adaptor too, but the end result is brilliant, I think the Howes Class 37 sound samples are far superior to the Bachmann(South West Digital) one, which spends too lond idling after the initial acceleleration.

Also by using an 8 pin Loksound, I was ablw to wie up both cab lights to separate Auc functions. So F11 turn on/off the front cab light, and F12 the rear cab light. Much more realistic, and the project was a lot of fun too.

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