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New Bachmann locos

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Info from Bachmann:

Class 25 Locos

The new class 25 and 24 models feature directional lighting where applicable. This extra lighting feature really looks good and enhances these versatile models that can be used on many different types of model railways. Pictured above is item number 32-405 which is loco number D7646 decorated in British Railways Two tone green livery haling from the 1960's.

Available for the first time with built in digital sound, item number 32-400DS represents a major step forward in the product development of these attractive Bo-Bo diesel models. Loco 25 095 portrays a locomotive turned out in a slightly modified version of British Railways corporate Blue.

Class 37 locomotives

Recently received samples include the latest class 37 locomotives. Pictured here above is item number 32-376DS, locomotive number 37693 sporting the early version of Railfreight livery. This item features Digital sound and is ideally used with the Dynamis Digital Command and control system.

Such is the popularity of our digital sound locomotives, we are producing an un-refurbished version of the class 37 with Digital sound fitted. Item number 32-776DS represents loco number 37254 in British Railways blue livery. Representing how many of the class would have looked in the 1970's and 1980's.

Class 24 Bo-Bos

Another 1st generation Diesel electric class were the class 24 Bo-Bo locomotives. The Branchline model has also been upgraded to include directional lighting. Two versions of the improved model are soon to be released. Item number 32-430 represents loco number D5013 in an all over Green British Railways livery from the 1960's.

Like the class 25, the revised class 24 has been made available with digitally controlled sound included. Item number 32-425DS is DCC sound fitted locomotive that will operate on the NMRA approved EZ-Command control systems. Loco number 24 035 is modelled in British Railways Corporate Blue livery and is typical of class 24 locomotives running in the 1970's.

I like the Class 25s. I just wish the green ones would come with should. Looks like I'll have to get 2 Class 25s and switch the bodies around. Anybody want a blue one without sound?
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QUOTE (Saint Johnstoun @ 30 Jan 2010, 22:49) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Recently acquired a Bachmann Class 24.

The cab handrails are a pain! I had to fix them in with a touch of adhesive and then today one caught on something on the layout and was catapulted into oblivion.

I suspect that spares of this ilk will be impossible to obtain.

Why couldn't they have fitted metal ones like the 25s?

Holy thread revival Batman!!

Err... 24s' handrails are completely different to 25s' - they're almost a thin vertical flat plate on two stanchions, whereas the 25s' where cylindrical.

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QUOTE (BobB @ 31 Jan 2010, 06:03) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>I've got three of the earlier 25's; all models of 25/2's with the revised body style and representing the five prototypes that had steam heating boilers fitted, so with water as well as fuel tanks underslung.

I like the idea of sound but would want to retain the models that I have. So for me the question is could the older bodies be fitted to the new sound chassis ?

Has anybody got both who can comment please ?


I had an original Bachmann 'Tamworth Castle' 25, I bought an 8pin decoder and plugged it straight in. The supplied speaker baffle doesn't fit in a 25, so I just formed one from blu tack. Et viola!

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QUOTE (BobB @ 1 Feb 2010, 04:46) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Hi Rob

You make it sound so easy. (Pun ?)

What kit did you use, does it sound OK and where did you stick the speaker ?

Please post a few more details,



Hello Bob,

I used the Howes sound on a Loksound 3.5 8pin decoder, which is supplied with a captive 23mm speaker.

Take the body off the 25, and at the opposite end to the fan, there is a flat area of PCB on the top of the loco chassis, that's where you're going to place the speaker, facing upwards. Take a piece of blu-tack and roll it into a sausage shaped length equal to the circumference of the speaker, wrap it around the speaker's edge, sealing the rear of the speaker to the PCB/chassis - assuming you've plugged in the decoder, place the loco on the track, key up address 3, press F1 and marvel in your 25 sounds. Refit the body after testing - you're done.

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