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QUOTE (BobB @ 31 Jan 2010, 06:03) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>I've got three of the earlier 25's; all models of 25/2's with the revised body style and representing the five prototypes that had steam heating boilers fitted, so with water as well as fuel tanks underslung.

I like the idea of sound but would want to retain the models that I have. So for me the question is could the older bodies be fitted to the new sound chassis ? ...

I don't have the sound model, but you are on a pretty safe bet there. Unless Bachmann completely rework a model (such as the Peaks) the body shell fixings stay the same, even if the chassis block has some metal taken out of it to accomodate a speaker fitting. Of models introduced pre-sound that now have sound fitted versions, it was no problem to swap older bodies onto the new sound fitted chassis on the class 20 for example. The old body shell had to have the fan assembly unscrewed is all (the new body shell didn't have a fan fitted) to enable it to fit, doesn't come much simpler than that.

Maybe post this question in the DCC section as well, in case someone who can say for certain but doesn't perhaps look in this section very often, can give a concrete answer?
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